Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Poem

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Ed Hessler

Good morning from Saint Paul on this 241st day of 2020 with 65.85% of the year behind us. Sunrise is at 6:30 am and sunset is at 7:53 pm. Today there will be 13h 25m and 17s of sunlight. Among the celebrations is National Cherry Turnover Day.

Marcie Rendon, mystery writer, playwright, children's author and poet, recently received--a McKnight Foundation Distinguished Artist award ($50,000). She is the first Native American woman to receive this honor. Speaking about the pandemic quarantine, she said:"This is not our first war or our first pandemic. We're resilient. We're going to thrive and a lot how we do that is continuing to create and find humor and beauty, trying to find the words to inspire people" (Star Tribune August 24 2020)

Today's poem is by Mary Oliver.


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