Sunday, November 14, 2021

Cloud Appreciation

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Earth & Space Science, Earth Systems, Solar System

Ed Hessler

Perhaps you know about The Cloud Appreciation Society (CAS). Maybe you are already a member.

The CAS has chock-full-of-clouds website with a gallery, a link to the Facebook page Monday broadcast of Cloud-a-Day, news, clouds in video, art, music, poetry, forums/cloudspotter groups, a shop where among the products is an app to help you identify the main cloud types. and membership information.

In addition there is a Society manifesto which includes CAS beliefs which closes,  "And so we say to all who'll listen: Look up, marvel at their ephemeral beauty, and always remember to live life with your heads in the clouds."

But also mind the gaps, curbs and other hazards associated with walking! (my addition)

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