Saturday, November 13, 2021

Leaving the Office for Lunch

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Ed Hessler 

Here is another answer to the question: "What you doin' for lunch?"

Dave Newman is a amateur wildlife photograph who captures many of his stunning images during his lunch break.

After a short trip "from his office in the centre of Steaford, Lincolnshire to the local river," Newman captures its wildlife on camera."His obsession with photography started when he found himself at a loose end during his breaks, and wanted to do something more than just walking around town." He admits that sometimes he wishes "that things would just sit still and they don't." Here is Cogglesford Mill, "on the 'crystal-clear River Stea," one of his shooting venues.

Newman has been shooting photographs for only three years and makes some suggestions on how to start." This is a great piece of advice: "The more you do the more you learn." The last image in this remarkable gallery shows one of the upgrades to his photography kit." For a moment I thought I was looking a ceramic he had found on one of his River Stea rambles!

Newman has fans worldwide and these images show why.

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