Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Sabine Hossenfelder on Car Emission Standards

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Ed Hessler

Sabine Hossenfelder takes on "the recent Toyota emissions scandal," which she refers to as the "tip of the iceberg."

She begins with some observations on "the tension between words -- 'lip confessions'"-- and the "confessions that get written into law." 

Hossenfelder explores three examples from Japan, the EU, and the USA." Japan "manipulated the results of emissions tests, again while "in Europe, lawmakers (learned) that their regulations on car emissions have had absolutely no effect." And here, in the United States, "scientists urge the Biden administration to reconsider the export of liquified natural gas." 

Hossenfelder takes a closer look at each in her subscription series on You Tube, "Science News With Sabine Hossenfelder." Transcript and responses are behind the subscription paywall.  
Here is the 8m 37s presentation.
Sabine Hossenfelder's web page and the Wiki entry about her.

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