Thursday, May 12, 2022

3D Female Human Anatomy Models

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Ed Hessler

I wish this clip from the BBC (1m 23s) on a new 3D female anatomy model was several minutes longer but it provides an idea of some of the differences between the anatomy of men and women. This, it turns out, has important and long-overlooked implications - a few are noted - for women who come to a physician for routine checks, concerns as well as for the accuracy of a diagnosis and recommended treatment. The model is currently being used in two medical schools in the UK: Brighton and Sussex Medical School. What lovely creatures we are at this basic structural level.

For more on such models see this press release from the UMass Chan Medical School about anatomist Yasmin Carter who played a lead role in the design of a 3D female anatomy teaching model. It includes a video, too. And here is a page about that model from the publisher, Elsevier.

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