Saturday, May 28, 2022

Land Art

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Ed Hessler

I pick and choose segments of CBS Sunday morning based on interests and time. Correspondent Seth Doane reported a story May 22, 2022 about land/earth artist Jon Foreman (Wales), "whose canvas is a beach." The segment (3m 44s) shows a fair sample of his work - including the last moment of one of them being erased by the tide - and the discussion is thoughtful.

Land art is ephemeral with a few exceptions that have become permanent installations, mostly stone walls which will last for years with some occasional maintenance, I'd expect. It makes use of what is at hand, items such as twigs, branches, leaves, ice, snow, sand, pebbles, etc., and is created outdoors. The most notable land/earth artist is probably Andy Goldsworthy who is mentioned in this feature. 

Here is the Wiki entry about him and here is a digital catalogue of 10 years of Goldsworthy's work  in which you can browse stills by year, form, material, and place.

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