Friday, May 6, 2022

Split the Universe!

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Ed Hessler

This entry from Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is about a thought experiment in quantum mechanics--a paradox-- first considered by the immensely talented theoretical physicist, Erwin Schrodinger. It became known as Schrodinger's cat.

The APOD crew close the accompanying explanation--well-linked, including one to the 25th birthday celebration for APOD, a must see, and a silly button, again not to be missed-- by saying "regardless of the outcome, you should have a thought-provoking day. Or two." No question about that!

And I because I need more help in understanding this even the surface features so I turned to theoretician, Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder who in this 11m 08s video is a guide to the territory. And here is the same video with a transcript from her blog, BackReaction.  

For another view see Nobel Prize winner (2021) Roger Penrose  in a discussion with psychologist Jordan Peterson about the physics of consciousness. It includes comments on the wave collapse. (video 6m 33s).  Regardless, these explanations will likely still leave you squeezing and scratching your forehead but it does reveal the complexity of nature and some of the difficulties at understanding at the level of quantum physics. I think it is impossible without knowing and being able to do the maths with some adroitness.                           

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