Thursday, February 16, 2023

Insects: In the Land of Nod

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Behavior, Wildlife, Nature, Biodiversity, Biological Evolution

Ed Hessler

In the event that you do not check Jerry Coyne's website, Why Evolution Is True (WEIT), frequently enough to review its sometimes overwhelming richness, the feature "Readers' Wildlife Photos for February 6" is another of his "photo-and-text biology" stories by a masterful story teller by Athayde Tonhasca Junior. It is about "insect sleep and nocturnal behavior."

He begins with two images of sleeping, a painting by Albert Anker (1895), "Two Girls on the Stove Bench" and a photo of a bee in a flower which Tonhasca Junior captions in his text, "Night, night, sleep tight." 

Another extraordinary entry for which all of us who are "regulars" are thankful.

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