Monday, February 20, 2023

Sounds Made by the Natural World and Human Culture.

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Ed Hessler

The sounds of the natural world and the world of human culture are being recorded, one sound at a time at "Remixing The World, One Sound At A Time." 

During my visit to the website, the featured recordings are recordings from eastern Europe, parts of North Africa, the Middle East and what I'll collectively call the -'stan nations,' e.g.,Kazakistan, Pakistan, a featured sound (England Yazor Church) and an exploration of the polar sounds project. 

Below the introduction is a tab for obsolete sounds, those disappearing sounds that have become extinct, e.g., Apple iBook uo, typewriters, winding up a watch, coffee grinder, calculating machine, melting glacier ice, old elevator and the listing continues. Some of these some of us have not only never heard or know (Stone Age Drill) so the site invites listening for this and old time sake.

"Cities and Memory is one of the world's biggest sound projects, a global collaborative sound art and field recording programme with the sim of 'remixing the world, one sound at a time'. its projects, large, covering more than 100 countries and territories with 5000 sounds and more than 1000 contributing artists."

There is much more, too much to list, and there is an ever changing feature on the latest sounds. One that I found lovely "L;immacolata - church bells in the forest" is in northern Italy where "church bells ring in the forest just outside the entrance to a long pedestrian tunnel."

Doing this is a great idea. I signed up for the monthly newsletter, hoping if not to stay on top of the latest and newest but to stay in touch with them.

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