Monday, February 13, 2023

Smart Slimes

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Another well researched and documented story about one of nature's organisms-- slime molds -- by the one and only Ze Frank. He is that! And the series is appropriately titled  "True Facts,"because it is.

Slime molds are organisms with which most of us are not very familiar and one few people have ever seen. One reason is that it requires considerable time "looking down, noticing" while carefully scouting out an area.

Ze Frank is a humorist, among his other talents and vocations, who works in today's tradition, so his jokes, sprinkle throughout, may make you laugh, groan, or wince. His videos are not humor, though.

These videos are unique and as portraits of what science has learned about fellow passengers on planet Earth, they are at the top.

Here is  the video (11 m 57 s)

You will find the references at the link and I suggest you scan the comments.


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