Saturday, April 1, 2023

A Farmer, A Crane and the Law

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Ed Hessler

This very short video (1 m 21 s) from the BBC tells a much abbreviated and touching story of a farmer and a crane which he rescued. And then?  The crane  refused to leave providing us another example of bonding between two different species.

The Sarus crane is a very large, obviously powerful (it has to get into the air) and beautiful bird, top to bottom and side to side, including a very imposing bill. Sarus cranes are the largest and tallest members of the crane species.

Sarus cranes are protected and it has now been removed from the farm and placed in a sanctuary.  A difficult outcome for the farmer but a better one for the bird and the species. You may read about this decision here, one that had to be made in favor of the bird.

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