Sunday, April 9, 2023

Spring Signs

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Ed Hessler

MinnPost, notes associate editor Greta Kaul, "analyzed the (data set of the) Minnesota Phenology Network (organization linked) to find the average dates of a selection of signs of spring in Minnesota.." She draws attention to the geographic limitation of the analysis to "the seven-county Twin Cities metro area and to phenomena that have three or more observations over time." 

From this Kaul developed an illustrated guide to the signs of spring. Each entry includes the date of the average, the earliest and latest occurrence of the event with some notes as well as a watercolor by Kaul. Take a look at what's ahead and when. The introduction provides more information about phenology and the nature of the records.

How nice to be able to take an early spring walk and follow the same path several times if we are so inclined.

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