Thursday, April 20, 2023

Curiosity Driven Science

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Ed Hessler

Georgia Tech's Saad Bhamla leads a group of scientists and prospective scientists who study the biophysics and bioengineering abilities of a variety of organisms - smallish and often thought of as "icky." What is the physics behind what they do?

In this short TED presentation (9 m 26 s), Bhamla tells us about the business of "doing business," in this case, how insects pee.

Do not miss taking some time to explore his webpage, The Bhamla Lab of Extraordinary Organisms. The comics tab has a generous collection of comics that summarize research projects (English and Spanish).
You will find a statement on the home page that the lab is powered by curiosity, on which he places a very high value. Bhamla thinks it is an all too often overlooked attribute of science. (italics mine).

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