Monday, August 7, 2023

King of the Fruits

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We take many things for granted about the foods we like. For me, one of them is knowing so little about them: scientifically, historically, and culturally. Favorite foods appear with the seasons although modern agriculture has made many of those boundaries nearly non-existent and we have them year round, often not as good as when in season.. 

I like pineapples. I have never wondered at all about the carvings of them on bedsteads, chairs, bottom stair posts, and lids on silver serving pieces other than enjoying them, thinking sometimes of all the hands that have touched and held them. There is an illustrated discussion on their history and use in this essay about colonial Williamsburg which includes the 37 foot tall (~ 11 meters) garden house roof in Scotland.

If you are interested in learning more I recommend "Pineapple: the King of Fruits," a typically well told visual story about pineapples by the History Guy (15 m 37 s). I found quite a few surprises and perhaps you will, too.

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