Sunday, August 20, 2023

Nature and Children: A New Book to Be Read Aloud

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Ed Hessler

It was very good to discover a new picture book for young children about a child and nature without it overtly teaching a lesson about the environment - a book about the natural world and a child. It is a book where a child can play with the imagination, wonder and to notice nature as Emile does in this story. Beautifully written and illustrated.
Hear It Read
Emile and the Field (Make Me A  World, Random House) is by Kevin Young and illustrated by Chioma Ebinoma. This  is the only read aloud and view of it which I've found on the web (3 m 56 s). The reader has a pleasant pace, allowing time to listen to the words and look at the illustrations.
Book Details

Here are the details from Amazon where you can look inside. Please do that. The images are larger and at the end is a note about first field trip experiences. Christopher Myers writes "It took me years to see what those nice people were awkwardly trying to show me." 
About The Publisher

Make Me A World/Random House (Myers is its creative director) has a web page that tells about the organization, lists books published and forthcoming and where you can sign up for several newsletters.

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