Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Solar Wind: Primer

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The solar wind is a short perhaps familiar phrase heard from time-to-time, including the media especially when events on the surface of the sun threaten communications satellites and computer driven technologies on the planet. Interestingly solar winds also have a protective function for life on earth.

A few years ago the University of Chicago developed an Explainer Series where one could learn more about breakthroughs developed at the University of Chicago. One is on the solar wind, a very good primer. So if you would like an understandable discussion or a refresher or learn more about the history and nature of science it may be viewed here. It is divided into five sections which include photographs and illustrations: 

--What is the solar wind?
--How was the solar wind discovered?
--How does the solar wind affect us?
--What mysteries remain about the solar wind?
--What is NASA's Parker Probe?

Since the essay was written it is possible that scientists have answered/narrowed one or more of the mysteries the essay mentions. This is easy enough to check using a search engine. I didn't do it.

This was a lovely idea and you may find one or more of the other videos of interest. The link for the entire series is at the top of each video.

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