Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 in Review: Physics, Biology, Computing, Maths

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Ed Hessler

Quanta Magazine closes 2023 by reviewing the year in physics, computer science, biology, and mathematics. 

Each entry consists of an essay and a video. Video contents are included below the link to the video. The descriptions may discourage you but before you decide that this is not for you, take a look. You might just be surprised. I include the length of the video for each.

Please, if you read anything, read the essay introductions which I found terrific.

Below are the links to both the reading and video for the discipline.

--The Year in Physics. Video length: 13 m 21 s. I can't resist a comment on the opening image. It reminded me of an owl's face..

--The Year in Biology. Video length: 11 m 53 s

--The Year in Computer Science. Video length 10 m 59 s

--The Year in Math. Video length: 19 m 12 s

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