Saturday, December 16, 2023

Daytime Astronomy

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Ed Hessler

This Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) comes with a bonus but first to the entry. 

Astrophotographer Paolo Palma features "a collage of daylight photos of Venus as observed from the shade of important Italian Monuments." There is an explanation below the collage.

The bonus is a link to his website "A leap Into the sky! Things of infinite amazement".  First, if you are not tired of Venus, scroll down the column at the left to Observations and Photographic Shots of Venus by DAY!  after asking Google to translate the page from Italian to English. 

When I first used the link, "Click here," a notification told me the site was unreachable. I waited and it appeared--it is possible that I also pressed the spacebar. I've tried it several times since and the site appears without fail. In addition to photographs there are videos. Mr. Palma is in love with the sky and the wealth of the site is the result. 

The "things" he points his camera at are of "infinite amazement!"
The photographs are lovely and quite a few entries include drawings by Mr. Palma.

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