Monday, December 4, 2023

Illuminated River Art Installation, London

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Ed Hessler

Illuminated River is a long-term art installation transforming the Thames at night with an orchestrated series of light works that span nine bridges in central London. Its subtly moving sequences of LED light symbolically unify the Thames bridges, drawing inspiration from the spirit and history of the river and from the architectural and engineering heritage of its bridges.

The website shows the bridges,, a description of the project, the installation sequence, stories, and artwork. Included in the stories is a poem inspired by Illuminated River (It was commissioned for the event.)

I haven't found anything on whether effects on the night sky was considered or what effects it has on the natural world and human biology. I did notice that the London Wildlife Trust was involved. There is considerable biology and ecology to consider if these were considered. I did a quick search for newspaper articles on the bridge but these are overwhelmingly positive and no story I've seen mentioned the environment.

Here is a story about New York based artist Leo Villareal, who conceived the installation.

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