Monday, November 21, 2016

Five Minutes of Physics

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Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll (California Institute of Technology) has collaborated with Henry Reich (Minute Physics) in producing five one-minute videos on big ideas in physics.

Why Doesn't Time Flow Backwards?
Do Cause and Effect Really Exist?
Where Does Complexity Come From?
How Entropy Powers the Earth?
What is the Purpose of Life?

Each film is based on sections of Carroll's recent book, The Big Picture.  The thread that connects these everyday ideas is the arrow of time and entropy.

Carroll and Reich co-authored the scripts with Carroll reading and Reich illustrating them on a white board.

One useful feature is their shortness so if you find an idea in a film confusing, you can view the entire film again to place the confusing section in context. Of course, you can always move the small ball on the time bar back and see that section again (and over again). A lot is said and drawn in a small amount of time!

Professor Carroll posted them on his blog.

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