Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Whatever Happened to the Skinny Teacher?

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Edward Hessler

Students have a way of taking courses and then disappearing from our lives. In the great scheme of things this is the way it should be. Still we sometimes wonder whether there were any effects and what they were.  What happened as a result of this recipe of curriculum/instruction, the experiences provided, and the student with an added dollop of time?

Photo by Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune.
Abdikadir Mohamed Aden was a CGEE Rivers Institute participant six years ago. In a recent article (see link below) he noted that this sparked his interest in the environment. Aden came to this country from Somalia with great dreams and a matching ambition.  The route here and while here has many twists and turns. He became a mathematics educator.

Aden is now blind due to diabetes but continues his work in mathematics education as a tutor. He is also known as Macalin Xiito (Skinny Teacher). His original dream changed but his ambition and persistence remain the same, appearing to me even stronger.

Xiito is also working with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization as a community educator for Somalis on clean water. In addition he has a made a YouTube video on water protection.

Faiza Mahumed of the Star Tribune wrote a lovely profile of this keeper of mathematics, water and life. Read it and give thanks for him and his work.

h/t Sara Robertson, CGEE

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