Tuesday, November 1, 2016


by Edward Hessler

I recently saw the 2007 documentary film, Please Vote for Me, which made me think about democracy, the things I take for granted and what I know about the idea. And it made me think about voting.

This documentary is about the election for the coveted position of being the 3rd grade class monitor (mostly 8 ya students) in a primary school in China. This is a position that until this election was appointed by the teacher. The competition is keen and at times hurly-burly.

The film is poignant as well as provocative.  In the Wikipedia entry above you will find a link to the film.

I would love to know where these children are today, what they are doing as well as their recollections and thoughts on this event.

I wondered, too, whether the teacher used this experience for instruction after the election and what the students learned about democracy and voting.

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