Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Year in Review

Environmental & Science Education
Edward Hessler

For me Ron Meador is a Minnesota treasure, a reporter whose work is not-to-be missed.

He writes on the environment for MinnPost. These are informed and polished gems that are reported in depth usually with links to other important reports and papers.

Meador's most recent column on some of the top environmental news of 2016 included a strong recommendation. It appeared right at the very end of his column.

We were directed to National Geographic's best videos, photos and stories of 2016. Meador wrote "reserve some time, and some awe (lots of awe), for this one." (Emphasis added).

Did you ever see a moose lose an antler?  A Wyoming family did and taped it, allowing the rest of us to view it. I've no idea how rare it is to see this happen but I don't think it is a commonplace. Losing the antlers, yes. Seeing it, no. Not a big deal to a moose. Huge to us.

And the maps, ah, those maps.

I hope you can find to take a look.

John Cheever wrote a novella long ago titled "Oh, What a Paradise it Seems." It is not an environmental novella but one of its several subplots is the pollution of a nearby pond. This planet both is and is not a paradise but it is still filled with enough life and enough wonder for several lifetimes.

See, Meador's recommendation here.

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