Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Poem

Art and Environment
Edward Hessler

I like moggies. Each year for quite a few years now, I've been given a sponsorship of a kitteh at Feline Rescue (Kneading Paws Needing Homes)—an annual Christmas present.  

Feline Rescue is a no-kill shelter and does an incredible number of placements for such a small shelter. Last year I think the number approached a 1000. They also did many hundreds of neutering surgeries.

Some of these cats are adoptable and others aren't for many sad and all too often cruel reasons. Many of these stretch the bounds of imagination. I've sponsored a couple who were so wary of humans that they wouldn't allow anyone to touch them. They would put up with me sitting with them. Once in a great while, a very great while, one would sidle up and drag his side against my leg. He had had a hard life and looked like it.
Shelter cat [Wikimedia]

This year, I've had the gift of two moggies, both adoptable. I'd no sooner been notified that I was a  sponsor of Memphis (blotched, tiger striped) than she was adopted. I did get two chances to visit her. She was at the shelter for two weeks before moving to her new home. Memphis had a very pleasant, soft and ready-to-run motor.  She was so trusting that she would roll over and let me stroke her tummy..

Holiday (a calico) became her replacement and when I went to see her last week her digs were being cleaned and there was no room for me but I did touch her through the cage. She is a sweetie and prefers to be alone, she says. So one condition of adoption, important consideration, is that she is the lone four-legged critter in the house. While I was standing with her, there were two people who were expressing a great interest in her. I was there to check in on her earlier this week and she has a new home.

Here is a lovely poem about the dying of a much-loved and regarded cat. And here is some information about the poet, Robin Chapman, a neighbor to the east (Wisconsin).

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