Sunday, January 1, 2017

Four Seasons Changing

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Edward Hessler

Every Saturday, Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD), republishes a favorite image--an encore.

The December 17, 2016 EPOD consists of 16,000 images used to make the main image and two, 2-minute videos (one with zoom, one without).  These are composite of images taken daily for a year (2010) in Oslo Norway.  The cameras were fixed. In addition, there is a link to what the end of winter looks like at Zabikov Pond, Poland. This was taken by another photographer.

There are many things to notice in these images and if you intend your observations not to be influenced by the photographer's notes don't read them. After, you can see what the photographer chooses to write about this sequence of the seasons and what you noticed.

What a great project.

Photographer Eirik Solheim provides full technical details.

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