Tuesday, October 17, 2017

First planting day

CGEE Student Voice
by Jenni Abere

In preparation for Planton Movil, in class last week, we build plant/human connectors, screenprinted old shirts, and created informational signs about the plants. We worked in one of the art studios at Hamline, and were provided with tons of material from the sculpting studio. This was a rare opportunity in college to actually create something with your hands, so people got into it. I participated mainly in the building, and created several sling-like pouches that allow you to carry a medium-sized plant like a baby.

On Sunday, we planted many of the large plants at the site. There wasn't much a parade; we just sort of carried the plants over and went right into planting. I should have used one of my slings though; I carried one chokecherry plant in each arm, and my arms were sore the next day. The plant-human connectors have a level of practicality beyond just being decorative.

We distributed the plants according to the plan for the site. Trees and taller plants, like the oaks and service berries, had to go farther down the slope so they don't block visibility on the road. We also considered where the path from the road, through the prairie, to the outdoor classroom space would be. The planting was relatively easy, since the damp soil was easy to dig into it. The one challenge was planting on a steep slope. One or two plants went rolling down the hill.

We still have a number of small plugs to plant on the site next weekend. The entire site has been seeded with a prairie mix, so any bare spots will be filled in the spring. I'm starting to envision how this space will look; It will be exciting to follow its growing progress next summer!

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