Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Waking Up at Night with Worries About the Fate of the Planet

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Sustainable Energy & Transportation
Water & Watersheds
Edward Hessler

What global problem is at the top of your mind when you awake at night and can't go back to sleep?

There were 151 responses and for each question they selected one submission from a listener.

The results are reported by Malaka Gharib. Before you take a look at the results of this informal and unscientific poll, what is the problem of most concern to you? If, like me, I don't lie awake thinking about global problems most of the time. If you have this experience think of the question as a hypothetical.

I agreed with the first choice on the list which was my choice before I looked. I wish now I had chosen the top three.. I was surprised by the position of some of the other answers.

In September NPR's Malaka Gharib asked Amina J. Mohamed, Deputy Secretary-General of the U. N. (# 2 position) at the Global Global Goals Award ceremony.  She wove her response into remarks she made at the ceremony. You may read her response and those of a few others on #Curious Goat.

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