Thursday, December 14, 2017

Acknowledgement and Thanks

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Edward Hessler

My Mama used to say to me "Better Late than Never."

I hope that sentiment is true for what follows is L-A-T-E! VERY LATE.

My posts if left to me would be Auf Schwarz--in black and white.

I know that they get dressed-up, made more appealing so that they are more likely to catch an eye.

I owe this to Jenni Abere, a student-worker at CGEE.  She is both, a student AND a worker. She arrives here ready to go and then goes until she leaves.

I'm grateful for this but have never said it out loud.

Jenni is also the author of many posts of her own and her "Student Voice" comments on the Sustainable Commons blog about sustainable practices and sustainability are important. She recently made CGEE a better environmental citizen by making it possible and convenient (We or speaking perhaps only for me, are as lazy as the next person.) for us to recylcle some of our "garbage," much of it food wastes, coffee grounds, etc. Our proof of concept is sorting what can and can't be recycled. So far, so good (I think).

I feel a bit better.

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