Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Talking About Climate Change

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Climate Change
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Edward Hessler

Are there better ways to talk about climate change than others?

Yale Climate Connections: Listen. Watch. Read. Act. thinks so.

In this column and video you can read and hear arguments by a variety of communicators. Regular contributor Professor Katherine Hayhoe a climate scientist at Texas Tech begins provocatively. "The 'greatest advances' in understanding of climate change over the past decade," she says "have come not from the physical sciences but from the social sciences."

Others who join in are George Lakoff (linguist, UCal-Berkeley), John Cook (founder of Skeptical Science *, George Mason University), Sarah Myre (climate scientist, University of Washington), and Amber Sullivan (ABC 15 meteorologist, Phoenix).

The video, about 5 minutes long, was shot by videographer, Peter Sullivan.

*Skeptical Science examines the science and arguments of global warming skeptics.

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