Saturday, December 16, 2017

CGEE Student Voice: Planton Movil

Student Voice
Planton Movil
I honestly don’t remember much from class time on Friday.  The sun shining among the leaves that remained on the trees while we crunched the ones that didn’t, eating raspberries while figuring out camera settings, and feeling that the project was actually going to turn out fine is about it.  At less than twenty-four hours before the event there wasn’t much anyone could do to make it amazingly better or worse, so I was finally able to relax and just enjoy the process.  The next morning, I arrived at the studio at nine expecting to find people busy grabbing materials to set up.  However, the mood seemed subdued and confused by the rain.  I knew I was supposed to be setting up tents and filming, yet I couldn’t find the other people I needed to do those tasks.  So eventually I found something else to do, found the camera, and one person at a time the rain plan began to come together.  Once everything really got rolling, it was fun.  I loved being able to spend a morning just doing something weird, and I think a lot of others did as well.  Being in a different state of mind, that of the plant buddy, was a refreshing experience.  It was also great to see how quickly all the plants were able to get into the ground with such a large group working on it.  When all the work was done, everyone who had come had accomplished something together, plants and people. 

Collage credit of Forrest Stowe

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