Saturday, September 8, 2018

An Inspriation

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Edward Hessler

"Where My Ladies At?" asks Emily Graslie in a YouTube video she did on daily "inbox nastiness" she has experienced. I watched it again after viewing a feature about Ms. Graslie on CBS This Morning by correspondent Meg Oliver.

Graslie is the well known star of her own YouTube Channel, The Brain Scoop.  I was not aware that she is also the Chief Curiosity correspondent for the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. What job title! And she is more than equal to it.

She is likely the only person in the world to have this job title. The CBS feature was about her, her career and how she ended up at the Field.  Her hire and job acceptance were incredibly quick. Field Museum president Richard Lariviere encountered her at the museum. Here is what happened.
"Well, it was astonishing. A young woman whom I'd never heard of just happened to blog that she was visiting the Field Museum, and families took their kids out of school. And 100 of them came in here to see her," he recounted.
"And you decided to hire her on the spot?" Oliver asked.
"On the spot," Lariviere said.
"And you accepted the job on the spot?" Oliver asked Graslie.
"Oh, absolutely. I was – I said, 'Whatever you want,'" she responded. 
So here is the CBS story (video and text) in which "Where My Ladies At?" is embedded. I link to one of her videos from her 60 Second Series.

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