Sunday, September 16, 2018

Waiting for the Yellow School Bus

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The American fine art photographer Greg Miller began his career photographing for newspapers and magazines. He is dedicated to the use of a particular format, an 8X10 view camera. His most recent project--Morning Bus--is reported by NPR's Emily Sullivan.

Here he tells Sullivan about the project who intersperses her story with some of his photographs. Sullivan quotes Miller on his aim: "My hope is that there is a little bit of the magic of the early morning present in my pictures. Like in C.S. Lewis' Narnia, by photographing children who are really waiting for the bus, there is a mixture of vulnerability, childhood wonder and real-life anxiety." 

Check those hopes for yourself.  For me the scorecard on magic is yes; on vulnerability, yes; on childhood wonder, yes and on real-life anxiety, yes.

And here is Greg Miller's website which includes the photographs. There may be a new one in it. I didn't check carefully.l

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