Wednesday, October 24, 2018


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Edward Hessler

I am not a Scrabble player but "bletting" seems a potential candidate for the game, at least from the point-of-view of the uninitiated. Maybe it is well-known or a lousy choice or.....

I'd never heard the term before but was introduced to it today. Bletting is a process in the break down of the astringent and firm tissues of a fruit into an edible sugary mush. Mespilus germanica is a new entry on Botany Picture of the Day (BPOD). Its fruits blet. This may be a better Scrabble word.

M. germanica is a member of the rose family and you will notice a family resemblance at BPOD.

I find the leaves and fruit beautiful. Redolent of fall. The description includes a link to Wikipedia where the process of bletting is described and side-by-side photos of semi-ripe fruit and bletted fruit are found.

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