Thursday, October 11, 2018

STAT 2018 Wunderkinds

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Environmental & Science Education
Women in Science
Nature of Science
Edward Hessler

STAT editors and reporters carefully sifted through nominations to identify "the next generation of science superstars...impressive doctors and researchers on the cusp of launching their own careers." These are superstars about which we seldom hear anything.

Here they are, including a link to the 2017 selections. Below each photograph is a short description of their research/interests. If you click on the arrow there is more and it isn't technical. I think these profiles provide an idea of what some who know more about these matters than me think are some of the big "questions in science and medicine."  They also provide insights into the enterprise lumped under science and medicine.

While each superstar can be identified professionally, e.g., molecular biologist, engineer, biochemist, oncologist, inventor, cancer researcher--the descriptions also tell us more that is important: these men and women, as amazing, smart and hard-working as they are, are humans.

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