Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dueling Books

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Climate Change
Edward Hessler

In March 2017, The Heartland Institute, a conservative think take well known for climate change denial, mailed a booklet (accompanied by a DVD) to teachers entitled Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming.  A new booklet is planned although there are few details.

The National Center for Science Education's Glenn Branch has published a piece about this which includes other resources for teaching global climate change.

I also recommend two additional resources. The first is the section in A Framework for K-12 Science Education (NRC 2012) on Global Climate Change (pp. 196-198). This may be read on-line and dowloaded (fully or sections) free.

The second is the NSTA Position Paper entitled The Teaching of Climate Science. It is a  resource I value. If you haven't examined, please don't miss the chance.  

You will note in the Frontline quote the phrase on teaching global climate change,  "'explain' to their students...." "Explain" is not found in the NSTA position paper.The NSTA position paper suggests a much more active approach on the part of the student than the "stand and deliver" stance, explains suggests.

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