Saturday, November 16, 2019

Covers of the Journal Nature: Then to Now

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Edward Hessler

It has been 150 years since the first issue of the British science journal, Nature, was published.

In this video (ca 6-minutes), Kelly Krause, Creative Director of Nature takes us on a guided tour of the archives to see some of the front covers from Nature and learn how the design of the magazine reflected the era in which it was made. One of the covers is incredibly awkward--Krause refers to it as "photoshop malfeasance."

Type faces, glue, tape, figures, black & white, color, cut-outs, color gradients, Desk Top, Digital era  are some of the techniques used in developing the covers.  The150th year has been made into an interactive video which shows the network and relationships of all published papers. A few of the most significant papers have an interactive feature.There is a link if you are interested.

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