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"I'm thankful for ..."

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Dictionary definitions for the word thankful show little variation., for example defines thankful as feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press published a column "I'm thankful for ...: First-graders share their gratitude attitudes for Thanksgiving" by Liv Martin on November 17, 2019. Martin shared a sample of the hundreds of submissions , noting that among them were statements that showed a "whole lot of love for nature."  Here are a few on nature. Following this I include a few on science, school and one because...well because. And I hope I've preserved them as written.

Natural World

--"I am thankful for Minnesota because we have loons."--Kelsey

--"I am thankful for trees because they help us breathe."--Will

--"I am thankful for the earth."--Charlotte

--"I'm thankful for wind because I can breathe."--Leighton

--"I am thankful for my frog that died. I love my frog and her name is Crystal. I found her in my backyard."--Crystal

--"I am thankful for flowers and bees. It is fun in it."--Dawson  

--"I am thankful for Nature because I love flowers and lady bugs and rabbits."--Ikhra 

--"I am thankful for my dog because when I am sad she licks me."--Frank

--"I am thankful for the animals because they are sweet."--Rowan

--"I am thankful for playing in snow. It is fun I also like cats and dogs."--AnNista

Science and School

--"I'm thankful for scientists because they help us discover things."--Oliver

--"I am thacfol for trees because they giv us ocsein and papre and they bret wut we brethe."--Mateo

--"I'm thankful for my five senses because they help me do things like help me explore the world."-- Audrey

--"I am thankful for my teacher because he always helps us learn."--Maralyn

--"I am Thankful for doctors and school! I am thankful for hard work."--Easton

--"I am thanful for scool because they teach you math."--Julian 

--"I am thankful for teachers because they help me learn. My mom is a teacher too."--Giana 

--"I am thankful that ther is a school cus I can lrn."--Cora


--"I'm thankful for macaroni and cheese."--Gavin 

And here are the selections published in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press by Liv Martin 

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