Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Sighted Girl and an Unsighted Boy Take a Walk in a Meadow

Environmental & Science Education
Art and Environment
Edward Hessler

In this film (7 m) titled "Walk" by Polish documentary filmmaker Filip Jacobson we accompany two friends, a blind boy and a sighted girl in their experience of a meadow overlooking a lake and their exploration of sensory experiences.

"Now and then, the girl probes the contours of the boy’s sensory experience, often to his annoyance. After all, how can he explain what it’s like to not know or even understand colours, or why his experience doesn’t require them? ... Jacobson reflects on the possibilities and limits of communicating subjective experience, as well as the diversity of ways to internalise the exterior world."

The film is in Polish with English subtitles.

h/t and thanks: AEON

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