Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Magic of Take Your Child to Work Night.

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Edward Hessler

NPR's Weekend Edition features a new book by Helena Ku Rhee and illustrated by Pascal Campion.

The Paper Kingdom is based on her own childhood. "Her parents were night janitors for a law office in Los Angeles. They couldn't afford a babysitter, so they brought her along."  They made those evenings magical and so "I wanted to write a book about that magic and wonder they instilled in me."

Illustrator Pascal Campion "liked that it wasn't 'a loud story,' but rather 'a little moment story.'" This book is one of double magic: writing and illustrations. Little moments make up a life and some of the more important ones fade but some remain in memory. All of us have them (I think).

NPR's Samantha Balaban writes that "Rhee's father went on to become a machinist, making parts for planes and cars. Her mother became a seamstress." Both are retired.

"Rhee says she hopes to send a message to her parent and to all hardworking parents; 'You feel like you're not doing enough for your children--but don't worry...' she says. 'They will survive and theyll take elements of beauty from even hardship.'"

Rhee became a corporate lawyer and writer. This book is one of three she has written. The title of this post is from Balaban's story.


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