Thursday, March 5, 2020

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Science Related Travel: A Scientist Reports

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Professor Gabriel Waksman has set up a native-tree-planting program to offset the carbon emissions of travel associated with his career as a biologist. Academics, scientists and even people attending the same conference can contribute to themed groves in the highlands of Scotland.

Waksman reports on his transistion from a conference traveller to conference traveller + tree planter in a career column for the scientific journal Nature. 

"Governmental actions will be crucial in solving the problem of climate change, but individual responsibility has a major part to play. ...

"There are many possible approaches, but I was especially drawn to native tree planting. Carbon needs to be withdrawn from the atmosphere and I like the idea of coupling carbon Fixing with reconnecting to a wonder of nature such as a native woodland."

To realize this ambition Waksman has set up a charity, All Things Small and Green, where "there is a website for the calculation of your carbon emissions in tonnes*, and work out how many native trees you need to plant to offset those, using a simple formula.

All Things Small and Green is dedicated to funding carbon mitigation projects that aim to restore native forest habitats.

*The tonne is a metric measurement and is equal to 1000 kg. A North American ton is equal to ~907 kg.

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