Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Poem

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Ed Hessler

Hello from Saint Paul on February 5 2021, the 36th day of 2021 or 9.86% of the year. Sunrise is at 7:27 am and sunset is at 5:26 pm which will give us 9h 59m 43 s of sunlight.

Weather is a topic of conversation in Minnesota and I'm glad this Friday falls on National Weatherperson's Day. It is also World Nutella Day

Quotable quote. "A favorite concept of mine (Elise Boulding) is the 200-year present, a way of thinking about change. The 200-year present began 100 years ago with the the year of birth of the people who have reached their hundredth birthday today. The other boundary of the 200-year present, 100 years from now, is the hundredth of the babies born today. If you take that span, you and I will have had cojntact with a lot of people from different parts of that span. So think in terms of events over that span and realize how long change takes."--Paul Saffo, The Long Now Foundation, July 7. 2010

Today's poem is by Billy Collins.


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