Monday, February 15, 2021

Skating on Thin Ice

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Ed Hessler

The Siberian Times reported a story about an "Irkutsk photographer (who recorded his) recent skating trip around Lake Baikal to help anyone planning to experience this wonder of the world in winter and get ready for the scary feeling of depth under transparent ice shell.

"Most surprising is the unexpected, cosmic sound. 

"‘The video shows cracks forming as I skate. Watch it to prevent phobias, with sound on, twice before bedtime a week before your planned trip to Baikal’- he jokingly wrote in the caption to the video."

The film may be found in the link and the sounds heard. It includes a photograph of him and some pictures of this lake in winter. It notes that the ice is newly formed but the article didn't note the temperature.

The Wiki link tells you about Irkutsk, name, history, geography, health, culture, sports, and notable residents. It is the 25th largest city in the Soviet Union.

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