Saturday, February 6, 2021

Papier Mache: A Dying Art In Kashmir.

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Ed Hessler

The introduction to this short BBC video (3m 22s) states "Papier mache, a painstaking and delicate craft, is believed to have arrived in Kashmir in the 14th Century with Persian artisans. It has since become a specialty of the region, earning its practitioners awards and accolades."

"But in recent decades, the art has slowly lost its appeal amid growing unrest in the Indian-administered valley." Interest among children in this family legacy art grows weaker and weaker. Additionally is the issue of "making ends meet." Artists of this art struggle to earn a living.

What a loss and how painful it must be for practicing artists to be witnesses to a dying craft and a tradition.

 And what in the world is a "tuk-tuk," you may ask. For those who have been in India and SE Asia you know. I didn't. The Wiki tells us.

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