Monday, May 3, 2021

Amalfi Lemon Farm

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Society, Culture, Global Climate Change

Ed Hessler

Life handed me lemons, so I made lemonade, lemon cake, lemon drops, and I even used the rinds to make lemon art.” Emilyann Allen

On CBS Sunday morning, April 18, 2021 there was a feature on a lemon grower--a family of lemon growers, several generations of them--who grow lemons on one of the most scenic locations in the world, the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

The story is about when biodiversity and culture meet. The farm is impressive and so is the family AND the products of their industry, ingenutiy, and inventiveness impressive. It is about lemons as a way of life. One of the college age family members is studying agronomy and plans to return to continue this farm--a vertical farm by the way--as well as adapt farming practices to global climate change.

This family is hooked on lemons!

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