Saturday, May 8, 2021

Re-entry to Work Places

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Ed Hessler

This essay by the Washington Post's Maura Judkis is about office workers who have been out of the office for months and now find themselves returning or on that cusp. 

Judkis writes that these are "workspaces  frozen in time, full of strange relics: Notes for projects abandoned long ago. Dusty tchotchkes. Expired snacks. Unwashed coffee mugs. Hand sanitizer stations installed at the very beginning of the pandemic, back when we thought maybe a few weeks of germaphobia might get us over."

Read about the experience of several who returned, what they found and thoughts and emotions stirred by the return after a long absence. One of them is an archaeologist. If you are a notebook keeper I hope you will write an entry about your return.You may wish you had done this in years to come.

And for you who have been back you will likely find these short descriptions of re-entry interesting comparisons.

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