Thursday, November 30, 2017

Squid: Coming to Life

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Biological Evolution
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The Patel Lab, University of California-Berkeley, studies embryonic pattern formation at the genetic, molecular, and cellular levels. Relative spatial positions within the developing embryo ensure that an embryo's tissues and organs develop in the correct place and orientation. It includes the process by which cells acquire different identities depending on their relative positions in the developing embryo.

A video, "Squid: Coming to Life,"was awarded Runner Up for the Scientific Merit Award at the Imagine Science Films festival. The goal of the Science/AAAS Scientist award "is to encourage more scientists to create films that let us into their minds, labs, and lifestyle." The video includes images and video footage from an embryology course

You can check out the details of the awards, view the short video, and learn more about the embryology course here.

Nipam Patel is co-chair of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC-Berkeley

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