Monday, November 6, 2017

Storm Drains

Water & Watersheds
Art and Environment
Waste Diversion

by Edward Hessler

Above the fold in the November 2017 Park Bugle is a story about a mural painted on a Lake Como parking lot. It is the first storm-drain mural in St. Paul.

The aim of the work is "to bring attention to the drain's presence and function in directing stormwater runoff--and any pollutants captured by the runoff--directly into the lake."

The actual painting started with a wonderful coincidence. When artist Gustavo Lira went to the lake to fill a bucket with water for his paintbrushes, he scooped up a small turtle. The mural features a turtle right near the drain.

You may read the article and see the mural here.

The Park Bugle, a community newspaper, serves St. Anthony Park, North and South/ Falcon Heights/ Lauderdale/ and Como Park.

What You Can Do
Leaves are falling! Make a difference by helping keep them out of lakes (like Como Lake), streams and the Mississippi River – so our water stays clean.

Sign up to Adopt a Drain today! This simple act can have a big impact, not just today, but for future generations.

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