Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A Video Tribute to Health Care Workers: Covid-19 Pandemic

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Ed Hessler

CBS reporter on most things medical, Dr. Jonathan LaPook, paid tribute Sunday (27th January) to health care workers.

"Back in April, (Dr. LaPook) spent two weeks helping out on the COVID wards at NYU Langone Health, where I'm a professor of medicine, and saw a microcosm of the professionalism playing out across the globe: physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, psychologists, those in food and housekeeping services, and so many others all risking their lives to take care of patients with COVID-19." 

This short video (3m 24s) tribute may be found here. There are some touching comments throughout--the reality of a medical pandemic by those who stand and work as close to it compared to the rest of us who worry about them, wish them well and thank them for this commitment. 

LaPook's message to us regarding the very best thing we can do for them "is not to become our patient." This is how we can help take some responsibility for the health of all of us. He says,

We're doing everything in our power – and we expect you to do the same:

Wear a mask.

Maintain physical distance.

Wash your hands.

Avoid crowds.

Remember that outdoors is safer than indoors.

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