Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Poem(s)

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Greetings from St. Paul on the 29th day of 2021. Sunrise will be at 7:35 am and sunset at 5:16 pm giving us 9h 41m 24s of sunlight. Today 7.5% of the year or 4 weeks and 1 day are past. And it has been 28 days since perihelion (Jan 2 at 7:50 am) when we were closest to the sun.

Puzzles have seen renewed interest during the COVID-10 pandemic and today is National Puzzle Day.

Notable Quotable. Human beings are members of the a whole/ In creation of one essence and soul.--Persian poet Sa'adi, 13th century. Woven into a carpet in a United Nations meeting room--a gift from the people of Iran (2005).

And today's poem--three of them may be found here with information about each, including the poets. They were written by three school-age students who won the American Academy of Poetry's Inaugural Poem Contest for Students. They were chosen from nearly one thousand submissions. The three poets received cash awards, too, thanks to an anonymous donor: 1st $1000; 2nd $600; and 3rd $300.

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