Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Bringing Out the Best in Gardens

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Wildlife, Nature, Society, Sustainability

Ed Hessler

Guardian reporter Phoebe Weston asked some readers to describe what they have been doing to help wildlife in their gardens in 2020.  Weston writes "Gardens are important habitats for small mammals, songbirds and insects and gardening in a wildlife-friendly way can make a massive difference in counteracting biodiversity loss. As always, the response was amazing, with readers from the UK, Australia, the US and Mexico sharing their innovations. Here are the best of them."

The reader responses are short and endlessly fascinating, e.g., a free service to cut holes in fences so that hedgehogs can travel more freely, "one thing I have done is...nothing! (read on)", and pocket meadows. Each story is accompanied by a photograph.

I loved these stories.

h/t Molly

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